What Happened To BlackPods? Real vs Fake 2023


Is the website safe?


BlvckPods IS A SCAM? New, old, and future generations need music all the time! To dance, eat, or while taking a shower everyone needs to play their favorite music to be happy, that was the reason we founded BlackPods 3 years ago, and the reason we are here now.

Are BlackPods any good?

Yes. In the latest years, a new era of headphones started and we wanted to be part of it. For this reason, we designed our earbuds with incredible features like Noise Cancellation, Spatial Audio, Touch Controls, and wireless connection. The best music must listen to with the best earbuds so we are proud to say that our BlackPods are the best in the market.

How can you tell if BlackPods are real or fake? 

Are BlackPods any good BlackPods are the best true wireless Bluetooth earbuds of 2023

Is BlackPods a scam or legit?

In all this time our original brand BlackPods was called Black Pods, blackpods, blackpods pro, blk pods, blvpods, and even sometimes black AirPods! And during these 3 years, many fake brands and scammers have emerged pretending to be us generating doubts about if BlackPods is real or Fake.

First of all, we need to say that BlackPods have nothing to do with Apple, but our quality is too good that people have inevitably associated us with them as we have the best technology at a dream price.

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How you can verify if BlackPods are real?

You can identify that we are the official supplier of BlackPods because we have a site with a reliable domain and optimized pages. Many scammers have poor and improvised sites with domains completely unrelated to the brand and that can easily disappear.

Other features that can give you the confidence to buy with us are:

1. We have PayPal as a payment method that can give you greater security

2. We have refund and warranty policies available here.

3. We have great customer service that always answers your e-mails.

4. We don’t charge any monthly subscription and don’t sell on TikTok (we have already been informed that some scammers do those things).

5. We never promote BlvkPods manufactured by Apple.

Buying BlckPods online today should no longer be risky, it is easy to identify a real site from a fake one. 🔥🎵🤓

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