How Long Do BlackPods Take To Ship?

We know there is nothing worse than the long wait between the payment of your BlackPods and the moment they arrive at your door, each minute counts. How long do BlvkPods take to ship? And to get not impatient our clients must know every detail about the shipment of their Black Pods.

Where to buy BlackPods in the US? 

Please remember that we don’t sell BlackPods in any physical store, the only place where buy it in the US and the rest of the world is our official site:

For that reason, you always will receive your Black Pods by post.

Do BlackPods ship to Australia?

Yes, we ship worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and Asia. There are currently shipping restrictions to countries such as India, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Taiwan, and South Africa. 

The transit time can increase according to the health situation in the country of origin and the country of destination.

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BlvkPods Shipping Companies

All our BlackPods shipments contain an international and a local tracking number which you can use to make any clarification with the shipping companies. Our international shipments are made by YunExpress which makes them fast and reliable. 

You can monitor your order on our tracking page or at this link.

Your tracking number will give you all the necessary information to locate and know the status of your Black Pod shipment as you can see in the following image:

Show delivery status, delivery time, and more shipment information

1. International & Local Tracking number: This number is unique and serves to identify your package.

2. Delivered Status: Indicate if your order is being processed, Order Shipped, Arrived Destination, or presents a problem as lost or stolen.

3. Delivery Time: Indicate the days that have passed since the order was sent.

4. Shipment Information: Use it to check that the tracking number corresponds to your order and not someone else’s, the data must match your order.

Additional Notes: This gives you information about the local shipping company, with this information you can contact the company to reschedule your deliveries, provide extra information about your address, etc.


The following image shows the process of shipping, each customer receives an e-mail with a tutorial to monitor their order, but if you have any extra questions our customer service is always available to help you.

Show all the steps of the shipping process of BlackPods

How long do BlackPods take to ship?

The Black Pods‘ delivery time will depend on:

→ Distance from our distribution center and delivery address.

→ Parcel that carries your order.

→ General or particular conditions of the country of destination.


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