• Processing Time
In order to reduce the delivery time each order is processed within a maximum of 24 hours after confirmation of the payment. However, depending on the payment method this may take 1-6 working days to reflect.

• Modification Of The Order
Once the order is confirmed you will only have 10 hours to modify it and it only applies when the order has not been sent out.

• Tracking Number
You will receive the tracking number by email or SMS between 24 to 48 hours after purchase during business days. The e-mail will be the one added by the customer in the order page.

• How To Monitor Your Order
You can monitor your order in the “Monitor Your Order” page available on the footer on our website page. After receiving your tracking number you will receive an email with a mini tutorial explaining how to monitor your order and you can simply enter your tracking number in the search menu.

• COVID-19 Update
There are currently shipping restrictions to countries such as India, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Taiwan and South Africa. The rest of the world can receive shipments but the transit time can increase according to the health situation in the country of origin and the country of destination.

• Estimated Delivery Time
The normal delivery time for the US and Canada is from 7 to 10 days, Europe is from 10 to 15 days, and rest of the world is 15 to 20 business days. The delivery time will depend on:
→ Distance from our distribution center and delivery address
→ Parcel that carries your order
→ General or particular conditions of the country of destination

• Order Delivered But Not Received
We regret that you did not received your order. Initially, we recommend you to check the mailbox, gardener or ask if any neighbour or receptionist received the order. With your tracking number, you can request an electronic proof of delivery from the shipping company and verify who received and/or signed the order.
Unfortunately, once the item has left our warehouse and is in transit to your address in the courier companies possession. It is the responsibility of the shipping company, to ensure the delivery. has no control over the shipping companies conduct. If an order is delivered and is stolen, missing or delivered to the wrong address, please contact the shipping company for resolution. By ordering from, you acknowledge and accept this risk. If you need additional help contact us: [email protected]

• My Order Was Returned To The Provider
Contact customer service by email [email protected] and include the following:
→ Screenshot of order return status
→ Order number and tracking number