Are BlackPods Legit? BlackPods Review 2023

Are Blackpods Legit, are the only real and authorized site to buy BlackPods

Some years ago, our brand BlackPods appeared on the market and its popularity has increased since then. Reviews of different YouTubers have appeared worldwide, asking “are blackpods legit?”, obviously, all of us remember the most important BlackPods Review about the brand was made by Unbox Therapy. People and media gave us the title of the best replica of the AirPods Pro at a fraction of the price, only 69.99 dollars.

Which site is the real home of BlackPods? is the only real site where you can buy BlackPods, we create the brand some years ago and we have many happy customers a positive reviews that support us. Our products are unique and original, we make them with the highest quality standards, we have refunds and returns policies to protect our customers and great customer service is always available to help our clients.

Unfortunately, we know that there are other sites not authorized to sell BlackPods, and in social media daily appear all kinds of scams for that reason, we share below a list of characteristics that make trustworthy.

BlackPods is not associated or related to Apple

We have PayPal as a payment system that can intercede and mediate if there are some disputes. Remember that PayPal does not work with online stores with a high number of disputes. have clear refund policies and warranties – read them before buying.

Great experience, and a lot of detailed information

Excellent customer service.

Verify reviews made with the BlackPods Pro and BlackPods 2 model

Will I receive my BlackPods if I Buy them? 

Yes, you always will receive a tracking number and instructions on how to monitor your order, you will have access to shipping company contact and our customer service can help you with any problem related to your shipping, you only need your order number and write us an e-mail. 

If you search on the web there isn’t any customer who has purchased on our site ( who has complained about not receiving black pods. All these scams are performed by unauthorized pages.

How long do BlackPods take to arrive?

It depends on where you live, for example to California shipments take around 6 to 7 working days, and to Europe and Canada 9-15 working days. Remember you will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after purchase and 30 hours after we receive the payment you will receive the tracking number. The shipping company used for US shipments is USPS.

What can I do if I never received my BlackPods? 

You should contact customer service immediately, if you don’t receive your tracking number or if the shipping company notifies you about problems with your shipping do not hesitate to write us. Please always monitor your order and check the updated review of BlackPods Pro 2023.

What are the best functions of BlackPods Pro? 

BlackPods Pro promise to have all top range features in the market like:  

  1. Connect Via Bluetooth
  2. Wireless charging
  3. Noise Cancellation
  4. Sensitive Touch Control
  5. Siri Compatibility
  6. High Definition of Audio Quality
  7. Extraordinary Battery Performance
  8. Clear Calls

Black Pod Reviews and Feature

Each one of our BlackPods models has unique and amazing characteristics. We know that everyone has different needs, therefore we want to show you the most relevant features in our models so you may pick your favorite! 

Is Blackpods Pro the most desired features like Active Noise Cancellation and Long-Lasting Battery

BlackPods Pro Features

1. Connect Via Bluetooth

Enjoy a stable and interference-free Bluetooth connection even at long distances and compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth devices like cellphones, tablets, tv, operating systems like iOS and Android, etc.

2. Wireless charging.

One of the most frequently asked questions was: Is wireless charging worth it in BlackPods? Yes, but only in the models BlackPods Pro and BlackPods 3.

3. Noise Cancellation.

The question everyone wants us to answer! Well, we have to say that black pods Pro is a unique model with Noise cancellation the quality is similar to AirPods, and the activation animations are the same on your device.

4. Sensitive Touch Control.

All Earbuds from have built-in capacitive sensors for touch controls. The commands allow you to change songs, play/stop or answer calls. The sensors work perfectly, maybe this is one of the best features of these headphones but it will confuse you because the reality is that to activate the commands you must make a slight press on the BlckPods with both fingers and not only a “simple touch”.

5. High Definition of Audio Quality and clear calls.

We know the significance of sound in your earbuds, not only for enjoying your favorite music but also for those long hours with the headphones on. We can say that all models of BlackPods have audio very good, with great quality. The same level of quality as some headphones with a price higher than the BlackPods 2 and BlackPods Pro & BlackPods 3 has a superior Hi-Fi sound.

6. Extraordinary Battery Performance.

Finally, the battery is great. A full charge allows between 4.5 and 5 hours of operation which is comparable with the best batteries on the market.

Are Blackpods as good as the publicity says?

Using BlvkPods correctly is fairly easy even if you use an Android phone instead of iOS. If you purchase with you will never go wrong but be careful because if you purchase from other sites there will be always a risk that you’re not buying a quality product or that the website itself is a scam.

BlackPods Pro + Free Cover

$ 69.99

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