Your favorite BlackPods simply went Pro.
✅ Sound that cuts out the noise.
✅ Available now in 2 colours.

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Matte Black Pro

A new class of in-ear headphones with customizable fit in Black Pods Latest Model, 2023. There’s an exceptional seal for Active Noise Cancellation. You’ll feel your music, not your headphones.

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Noise Cancelation

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24h Battery Case

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Water Resistant

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Lasting Battery

BlackPods Features

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BlkPods Noise Cancellation

Reduction of outdoor sound through the latest technology.

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Long-Lasting Battery

Listen to music and make calls continuously. The BlkPods battery case lasts for 24 hours with a single charge.

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iOS (iPhone) & Android

Compatible with iOS (iPhone), Android, and other Bluetooth devices.

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Siri & Google Assistant

Hands-free microphone to answer calls and buttons to control music playback and volume without using the smartphone.

BlackPods Magic

Comfort is essential for happiness, so the new BlackPods Pro has been ergonomically designed to fit and to be comfortable for long periods in your ears; the silicone pads included in three sizes are soft, smooth, and flexible, achieving a perfect fit and a feeling of lightness that will make you think that you are not wearing headphones. 

BlackPods Pro

$ 69.99

Black Pro

WhitePods Pro

$ 69.99

White Pro

BlackPods 3

$ 64.99

Black 3

WhitePods 3

$ 64.99

White 3

BlackPods Mini

$ 49.99

Black Mini

WhitePods Mini

$ 49.99

White Mini

BlackPods 2

$ 54.99

Black 2

WhitePods 2

$ 54.99

White 2

Our Happy Customers

Magical experience

Our Matte Black collection

Why for blackpods?

We are a registered trademark established in 2015; in these years, we have had more than 51000+ happy customers worldwide. Our site is the only official and authorized to sell BlackPods; here, you will get the best price and quality; many reviewers tested our products and given us the title of the best and cheapest true wireless headphones; our products are comparable with any top brand of Earbuds like Apple, Samsung or Sony but haven’t restrictions on use, they work with any Bluetooth device. We think everyone should have access to the best listeners and not just a few who can pay hundreds of dollars; based on that concept, Black Pods are made to bring the best quality sound through a special chip developed for us.

BlackPods Pro and Black Airpods: The Ultimate Listening Experience

Our BlackPods Pro is designed to take your listening experience to the next level. With features like active noise canceling, you can immerse yourself in your favorite music or podcasts without distractions. Our proprietary chip ensures that the sound quality is on par with the top brands but at a fraction of the cost. With long battery life and IPX6 water resistance, you can take your BlkPods Pro wherever you go without worrying about them dying or getting damaged.

Blk Pods or Natics Pods or Black AirPods Pro Optimized for Performance and Convenience

Our BlackPods and BlackPods Pro are optimized for performance and convenience. Black AirPods work with any Bluetooth device, regardless of the brand so you can use them with your iPhone, Samsung, or any other device. With Blk Pods features like active noise canceling and water resistance, they are perfect for any situation. Whether you’re working out, commuting, or just relaxing at home, our BlackPods Pro will provide you with the best listening experience.

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