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What Happened To BlackPods? Real vs Fake 2023



BlvckPods IS A SCAM? New, old, and future generations need music all the time! To dance, eat, or while taking a shower everyone needs to play their favorite music to be happy, that was the reason we founded BlackPods 3 years ago, and the reason we are here now.

Are BlackPods any good?

Yes. In the latest years, a new era of headphones started and we wanted to be part of it. For this reason, we designed our earbuds with incredible features like Noise Cancellation, Spatial Audio, Touch Controls, and wireless connection. The best music must listen to with the best earbuds so we are proud to say that our BlackPods are the best in the market.

How can you tell if BlackPods are real or fake? 

Are BlackPods any good BlackPods are the best true wireless Bluetooth earbuds of 2023

In all this time our original brand BlackPods was called Black Pods, blackpods, blackpods pro, blk pods, blvpods, and even sometimes black AirPods! And during these 3 years, many fake brands and scammers have emerged pretending to be us generating doubts about if BlackPods is real or Fake.

First of all, we need to say that BlackPods have nothing to do with Apple, but our quality is too good that people have inevitably associated us with them as we have the best technology at a dream price.

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How you can verify if BlackPods are real?

You can identify that we are the official supplier of BlackPods because we have a site with a reliable domain and optimized pages. Many scammers have poor and improvised sites with domains completely unrelated to the brand and that can easily disappear.

Other features that can give you the confidence to buy with us are:

1. We have PayPal as a payment method that can give you greater security

2. We have refund and warranty policies available here.

3. We have great customer service that always answers your e-mails.

4. We don’t charge any monthly subscription and don’t sell on TikTok (we have already been informed that some scammers do those things).

5. We never promote BlvkPods manufactured by Apple.

Buying BlckPods online today should no longer be risky, it is easy to identify a real site from a fake one. 🔥🎵🤓

WhitePods Pro

$ 69.99

WhitePods Mini

$ 49.99

WhitePods 3

$ 64.99

WhitePods 2

$ 54.99

Status Light in BlackPods – What do BlackPods light mean?

blackpods pro status light in blackpods what do black pods lights mean

The next step to learning how to use your BlackPods and what is Status Light in BlackPods is to understand the different status lights emitted from your BlvkPods case. There is only one LED light in the case, which can change color and flash, it was designed not only to tell you the battery status of your earbuds but also the status of pairing or if they are charging correctly, so we prepared for you this guide to help you with your BlckPods.

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What Do blckPods Light Mean? AirPods Blue Light On Case

Your BlackPods light case can show 3 different color notifications: Green, White, and Red
There are BlvkPods 3 color notifications: Green, White, and Red

The following table shows the different status light in BlvkPods case and its meaning.

Status lightMeaning
White Light – FlashingPairing Mode First configuration: It happens when you set up your BlackPods for the first time using the case back button.
Red Light – FlashingSomething has gone wrong; you must reset your BlackPods.
Red Light – BlackPods in caseYour BlackPods have a low battery, which indicates that you must charge them.
Red Light – Without BlackPods in caseYour Pods case BlackPods has a low battery, which indicates that you must charge it.
Red Light – Connect to a power source.Your Black Pod is being charged.
Green Light – BlackPods in caseYour BlackPods Mini and case are fully charged.
Green Light – Without BlackPods in caseYour case is fully charged.
Green Light – Connect to a power source.You can remove the charger of your BlckPods, they are fully charged.
No LightYour BlackPods 2 are without battery.

How to charge BlackPods? BlackPods Not Charging

BlackPods can be charged with a lightning cable and used it a Qi-certified wireless charger

How To Charge Blackpods? All our devices are equipped with a modern lithium-ion battery which is charged by a lightning cable. When you receive your Blvck Pods they have a charge of approximately 20% for this reason, first of all. Besides that, you must charge them and, in this article, we will solve all your doubts about it. 

AirPods case not charging no light? The first charge of BlackPods.

The first charge is very important and must be made for at least 5 hours. When you received your BlckPods the LED light of the charging case is red this means that the battery is low and is about to run out. After the first charge, the LED light will change to green. Moreover, the battery indicator on your phone will indicate a 100% percent of battery for both Blk Pods.

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How long does it take to charge the case?

When you use a wired connection, a full charge takes approximately 1 hour. 

Besides that, wireless charging takes a little more time approximately 1.5 hours.

How to charge your BlackPods charging case?

There are two ways if your Blackpods Not Charging:

Using the lightning cable

Moreover, with a wireless charger with Qi certification.

Charge BlckPods with a Lightning cable.

All our BlackPods models include a lightning cable, at charging time the BlackPods must be inside the case.

1. Put your BlackPods inside the case.

2. Take the Lightning cable and connect it to the Lightning connector in the case.

3. Connect the other side of the cable to a charger or USB port the light indicator should be up and will flash to indicate that it has started charging.

Charge BlackPods with a wireless charger.

First of all, you need a wireless charger with Qi certification.

1. Connect the wireless charger to the power source.

2. Put the case, with the cap closed and with the BlackPods inside, on the charger the light indicator should be up and will flash to indicate that it has started charging.

How to charge your BlackPods?

The case of your BlackPods is designed to store several charges in it (approximately 3 charges), so you only must put your BlackPods inside. Besides that, BlvkPods need just 10 minutes in the case to play up to 1 hour of audio

Do BlackPods work with Android? Android BlackPods

Do BlackPods work with Android BlackPods are compatible with Android and any other Bluetooth device
BlackPods work with iOS and Android

Do BlackPods work with Android? We think everyone should enjoy their favorite music with the BEST earbuds, no matter what device, brand, operating system, or budget they have. For that reason, we have designed all our BlackPods models compatible with any Bluetooth device. So you don’t stop enjoying your favorite music, movies, podcasts, and video games. 

What’s the main difference with iOS?

The main difference is the way to set up and connects to your device, in Android models. Do fake AirPods work with android? Moreover, the pop-up animation connects doesn’t appear so you must do the Manual connexion for any Bluetooth device.

If you need more info, check the official site or this article about how to connect your BlckPods.

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Do BlackPods work with Android?

Absolutely! All Black Pods models are compatible with any Android device, that includes many models of cell phones. Besides that, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, One Plus, Alcatel, LG,  Realme, ZTE, Wiko, Vivo, Honor, Xiaomi, Nokia, and Oppo. And also more brands, so don’t worry about compatibility.

The setup and pairing process are a little different but using BlvkPods on Android is so easy that you only have to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Go to the Bluetooth menu.

2. Open the Black Pods case (with the BlackPods in them) and hold it next to your Bluetooth device.

3. Once they appear on the Bluetooth menu, select it and tap “Connect”.

So simple that it looks like magic, right? 

Is the performance of my BlackPods the same in Android as in iOS?

Yes, all functions like Bluetooth connection, Audio Quality, Touch Control, Calls, Battery, and more work with the same quality and fluidity as iOS.

Black Pods does not distinguish between brands then don’t hesitate to choose us, please remember that our customer service is always available to solve your doubts.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t use and make all your devices compatible with