BlackPods vs AirPods – Latest BlackPods Review 2023

We compare the most desired features of AirPods vs BlackPods

The Best BlackPods Vs AirPods Comparison

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“Hi everyone! My name is Liam. I’m a big fan of Apple and received my Black Pods some time ago so I thought it would be fun to compare the BlackPods Pro VS the Airpods Pro… Read my review, we will see which wireless earbuds are the better of the two”

The Packing

In this BlvkPods pro review look at the two side by side both are so similar, they look like the same product but in the dark and white version. The brands are different but both boxes are durable and minimalist. 

Opening both get the user manual, removing them you get the headphones in their wrapping, and removing that you get a Lightning to USB cable and extra sizes ear tips.

BlvkPods Design

Comparison of BlackPods Pro and AirPods Pro from different angles

BlvkPods Pro are the best fake AirPods

The BlckPods are pretty much matte, which gives them a completely different texture, personally, I love this difference, it gives them a more modern appearance, and the black color looks premium, this was the main reason why I was interested in these earbuds and in that aspect, I was not disappointed. In other aspects of the design, they are identical.

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Black Pods Audio Quality

Difficult to decide about this, they both sound really good but AirPods Pro sounded a bit better but not by much maybe I’m just used to AirPods since I’ve used apple all my life, both have punchy bass.

BlackPod Battery Life

Black Pods Battery Review 4 hours of audio 24 hours with the case
AirPods Battery Review 5 hours of audio 24 hours with the case


Connectivity (Set-up)
Black Pods Connect in 10.5 seconds Show Pop-ups animation
AirPods Connect in 6.53 seconds Show Pop-ups animation
Connect in 2.4 seconds Show Pop-ups animation
Airpods Connect in 1.7 seconds Show Pop-ups animation

In both models, you can change the name, switch between transparency mood or noise cancellation mode, and adjust some of the functions like ear tip fit test and microphone. 

Black Pods Pro Call Quality

The quality of the microphone of Air Pods is a little better, especially when there is background noise like in traffic or a stadium, but with both the calls clear, you can listen and talk without problems.
Black Pod Pros vs Air Pods Pro Review

Other Features

Wireless Charging
BlackPod Score: 9
Airpods Score: 9
Noise Cancellation
BlackPod Score: 7
Airpods Score: 9
Transparency mood
Black Pod Score: –
Airpods Score: 9
Touch Controls
Blvck Pods Score: 9
AirPods Score: 9
Dust and Anti-sweat Waterproof
Black Pod Score: 8
Airpods Score: 8
Siri Assistant
BlackPod Score: 9
Airpods Score: 9
Similar Characteristics of BlvkPods and AirPods

After testing both earbuds for 2 months I can say that both are very similar and if you do not have both you will not notice the difference between them, except in the price. I am satisfied with both and happy to collaborate with this review.

lackPods Review 2023

BlckPods vs AirPods Review

BlackPods Pro + Free Cover

$ 69.99

WhitePods 3

$ 64.99

BlackPods 3

$ 64.99

WhitePods Mini

$ 49.99

BlackPods Mini

$ 49.99

WhitePods 2

$ 54.99

BlackPods 2

$ 54.99

WhitePods Pro

$ 69.99

BlackPods Pro

$ 69.99

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