Why do my Earbuds keep cutting out?

My headphones or earbuds keep cutting out sounds or making strange noises; what do I do? If you have used any Bluetooth device, you have undoubtedly experienced this problem; all our BlackPods models have great technology that allows long-range robust and reliable Bluetooth connection.

Why do my Earbuds keep cutting out

However, like any Bluetooth technology, you can experience interference and suffer from this problem. We know that it is very annoying when your music stops, so we will help you to avoid these interferences to the maximum.

why are my earbuds cutting out

Causes of interference of earbuds keep cutting out :

  • When using your BlackPods device near Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. These devices emit radio waves. Bluetooth devices can be affected by these radio waves when used in a location where several radio waves are mixed.
  • When the BlackPods are used near other Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth devices can be affected by these radio waves when used in a location where several radio waves are mixed.
  • Your smartphone has many applications in use. Sometimes problems come because the mobile can’t run all the processes, then crashes, and the Bluetooth connection is intermittent.
  • The key to this is to release RAM by closing apps that are running in the background.
  • The connection between the headset and the speaker needed to be produced adequately with the smartphone.
  • When the configuration of your BlackPods is done correctly, the connection can be recovered constantly. Ensure you follow the correct connection and set-up process of your BlackPods to avoid failed connections.
  • If you continue to experience the problem after avoiding the interferences, unpair your BlackPods from your device and make a soft reset.
  • Forget your device from Bluetooth settings, then turn off Bluetooth.
  • Open the lid and hold the back button for a few seconds until the light flashes, then close the lid.
  • Wait a full minute, then turn on Bluetooth, open the lid and try to reconnect.
  • If you need extra help, please write to our customer service and enjoy your favorite music, calls, and videos without cuts.

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